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NLP Mastery in Mailand


2009 brings a very special opportunity to people in Europe. Dr Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP and genius of Design Human Engineering and Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning will teach his newest discoveries in the field of human evolution and development.
For the first time ever, Richard Bandler and John LaValle will teach this seminar in Milano especially for all those people in Europe truly interested in learning NLP from its creator and being at the leading edge of the latest technologies.
Some of you will have learnt NLP from great trainers who have trained with Richard, some of you may not have been so lucky. Here is your chance to experience learning mastery from the master himself.
Richard will be joined by John LaValle. John has co-trained with Richard for many years and is in our experience the best NLP trainer in the world! Whether you are in business or coming along for yourself you can’t imagine now how easy it is to learn with John Lavalle
This seminar will book very quickly and may be filling up as you read what amazing opportunities await you;
o Learn the difference that makes the difference to yourself and others around you
o Develop your own techniques as you progress
o Drive your own brain to lead a better life
o Overcome limitations to your life and career
o Teach your neurology to do things in ways that work for you
o Discover the art and science of advanced communications
o Change your beliefs so they bring you joy and success
o Have more fun on a seminar than you ever imagined you could
o Be successful in your business work and career
o Identify ways to learn new skills easily and effectively
o Make sure you are in the optimum state for success
This seminar is a unique collaboration between European Institutes of NLP and will be staffed by the best NLP trainers in Europe. There will be someone who can help you who speaks your own language and can ensure that you get the very best from the training.

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