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Mastercoaching English

No one is born a master... but everyone can develop into a master!

You have been on many seminars – or held them yourself, have taken part in many events – or have moderated your own workshops? In the field of development, management and training nothing is really new to you in theory and in practice? You know the market and are always looking for something new, something a little different? Then you should read on…
What is it all about?
Coaching as an instrument of leadership and as a success factor in business
Development of competence in your professional environment
Working on your personal and professional visions and goals in life
Recognition of your own potential through self-reflection
Intensive work on your personal resources
The Master Coaching of KICK OFF Management Consulting is a possibility of enriching the path to your personal championship. In these four intensive days the time is dedicated exclusively to the further development of your competence and personality. The focus is on business problems, different management perspectives, the practising of various coaching methods and techniques, as well as the personal integration of these topics and tools.
We are addressing your personality as a whole, and will be working with you on a mental as well as on a physical level.
Is this something for you?
This Intensive-Master-Coaching is targeted towards:
Managers that would like to be on the cutting edge of management
Consultants that appreciate gaining a deeper insight on different fields of knowledge
Coaches that are seeking new models and perspectives
Everyone who would like to quickly and effectively implement their knowledge and experiences
People that use their time and their resources meaningfully
What can you expect in detail?
Exchange of and intensive work on your issues and questions
Development of your own personal coaching model
Continuous opportunities of personal reflection with experienced coaches
The cornerstone for your work in this seminar is a form of human potential assessment that was specifically developed by KICK OFF: the Potential Audit®. In this in-depth interview you will discover and determine your very specific fields of learning for the days to come. Continuous reflection and feedback loops in varying constellations will afford new perspectives and will unleash your personal resources.
The transfer of knowledge and the intensive accompaniment of experienced coaches, as well as the creative exchange with all participants will enable you to develop your own models and to define for you important areas of implementation, in order to quickly integrate the insights you have gained.
All this will take place in the pleasant atmosphere of a seminar hotel in the outskirts of Vienna.
If you would like to have further information, please contact Ms. Claudia Prager: 710 7854-14
Who are the Coaches?
Luzia Fuchs-Jorg
Managing Partner of KICK OFF Management Consulting GmbH
Consultant, Executive Coach
Chris Fuchs
Partner of KICK OFF Management Consulting GmbH
Consultant, Trainer, Coach
Jessica Folkes
Consultant, Trainer, Coach

Anbieter: Kick Off
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